Types of Videos

Product Launch/Promotional Video

Promotional videos help generate buzz about your product or service. The primary purpose of these types of videos is to deliver a dynamic sometimes high energy presentation to get the viewer excited to learn more.

They typically last 90 seconds to 3 minutes and are the equivalent of what a movie trailer is to a film.  With professional voice-over and Hollywood quality graphics, promotional videos showcase all the significant benefits of a product or service. 

The types of videos are perfect for social media, outbound email campaigns, video ads and featured videos on a company homepage. 

Support Videos

Imagine taking the top 10 questions that are asked by your customers and creating a how-to video answering the question. Now instead of your support staff spending hours when a customer calls in and has an issue or question, your support staff can point them to video saving precious time in the support center.

These videos are so detailed and created in a way that the customer can follow along in real time to solve their issue in a much shorter time allowing the support representative to help someone else. 

Virtual Consult/Sales Letter Videos

These videos are great for doctors and sales professionals. If you have a product or service that requires a lengthy explanation of the features and benefits, this type of video will educate the viewer and help them determine if they are a candidate and or good fit for the product or service.

For medical and sales professionals, clients and patients often factor in the individual as well as the benefits and advantages of the service or procedure. 

These types of videos help establish the person as an expert and also a chance to exhibit their personality to the viewer. 

Testimonial and Review Videos

Nothing helps the credibility and trust of a company more than a personal referral. After years of producing thousands of hours of video, engaging review videos are one of the hardest to create.

Scheduling actual clients to give the testimonial can be very stressful and most clients giving the testimonial are not professional spokes models, their performance is often void of the necessary energy to get the viewer excited.  They tend to ramble on for several minutes losing any impact they had with their testimonial. 

These are the main reasons we created our 5-star testimonials video. Instead of depending on the customer’s performance for the success of the video, we take their written review and produce a modern visual version of their review. 

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